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Terricia Iglesias

Hafa Adia! Thank you for taking the time to visit! For those of you who do not know me well, I'd like to begin by clarifiying a few things... Yes, I am full blooded Chamorro and no, I was not raised on Guam or speak my native tongue fluently. However, I have visited the island and do know much about my history. My purpose for this introduction is to set aside any bias in hopes that I can reach out to my people and other nationalities with this important message.

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About Diabetes on Guam Guam’s population is over 90% Asian and Pacific Islander in composition. Both of these ethnic groups have inherent genetic predisposition to Type II Diabetes so we would expect an increased prevalence on that basis alone. In addition, the population of Guam has a much greater incidence of obesity, which is another major risk factor for Type II Diabetes. In addition the ambient temperatures on Guam are high, and modern lifestyles are sedentary, further contributing to obesity and making it more difficult for the body to handle excess sugar loads. The end effect of all these factors is a “Perfect Storm” for Type II Diabetes.